When installing an SSL certificate on a server you should install all intermediate certificates as well. Paste or upload your certificate to generate a .crt-file with all intermediate certificates concatenated.
Why should I do this?

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Why you should install
all intermediate certificates
on your server

All operating systems contain a set of default trusted root certificates. But Certificate Authorities usually don't use their root certificate to sign customer certificates. They use so called intermediate certificates instead, because these can be rotated more frequently.

If not all intermediate certificates are installed on your server, some clients —mostly mobile browsers— will think you are on an insecure connection. This results in 'untrusted' warnings like the following:

Your connection is not private — warning in Google Chrome

To avoid such warnings, a server should always send a complete trust chain. The trust chain contains your certificate concatenated with all intermediate certificates.


This tool is built with Laravel 5 and uses ssl-certificate-chain-resolver, inspired by cert-chain-resolver by Jan Žák.